Restaurant Per Me
Silvia & Urs Auckenthaler
Herrenacker 20   l   CH 8200 Schaffhausen
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1874, ownership passed to "Herr Rahm", who was the Examining Magistrate.

1879 incorporation of a vaulted cellar,

1886 purchase of the house by Alexander Weber-Pfeiffer. 1903 after Alexander's death, the house went to his widow, Martha Weber-Pfeiffer, in whose possession it remained until at least 1940.

Thereafter, until 1989, no major changes were made.

Only in the 20th century was a shop installed on the ground floor.

1942 used by the travel agency Rubli Harry & Co.

The most remarkable fact concerning the history of Per Me is that, the handsome gentleman, whose portrait is shown above, is the great-great-great-Grandfather of the current owner.